Tips on How to Flow and Rock a Fro like Solange Knowles

November 18, 2014 Comments Off on Tips on How to Flow and Rock a Fro like Solange Knowles
Tips on How to Flow and Rock a Fro like Solange Knowles

me DWTSAs of late, you can catch me rockin my hair au naturale!  No perms. No preservatives!

And it took me a lifetime to gain this much confidence to just be me. About two years ago I decided to stop putting the creamy crack (aka perm) in my hair and to just explore wearing natural hair. And I never would have thought that I would settle so comfortably into wearing my natural hair. InstagramCapture_33d37fb8-6339-4db9-ab74-61bdf60818b6

Some people think it’s really hard and so did I, but it’s actually not. And I’m so happy to see more women like me rock their natural style too. And there’s one fashionista who always kills it when it comes to flossing her fro, and that’s Solange Knowles who tied the knot with video director Alan Ferguson in New Orleans on Sunday in front of about 200 family and friends, according to People mag.


My goal is to get my fro as big as Solange’s! She’s definitely rocking that 1970s Diana Ross afro crown and I love it! Here are a few tips on making the switch.

So you want to go natural? Here’ what you should know:

  • I never did the BIG CHOP – You don’t have to go way back to being bald to transition out of having perm. Just clip those ends, condition your hair and keep moving ahead. When you get new growth, embrace it!
  • You will have to try out a variety of products to find out what works best for your texture. People always ask what’s the best product for my natural hair. That’s a hard question that I learned about the hard way. I have tried out a variety of products from $1 cheap products to expensive $12 a jar Carol’s Daughter’s products. I learned that some products are too greasy for my hair, while others don’t moisturize at all. My best product right now is Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk. This is what I use right now to achieve the curly fro look that I want.

Hair milk

  • Styling – Now I thought I would lose my mind trying to figure out how to style my natural hair. Without using a curling iron, I felt lost and helpless. But I soon learned that I didn’t need a curling iron or rollers to get curls! Who woulda THUNK it? lol I learned how to Bantu Knot the heck out of my hair and the rest is history!


This is from two years of being chemical free and allowing my hair to breathe and just BE healthy! Amazing how hair will grow when you don’t brutalize it!


So what you gonna do? Going Natural? Yeah or Nah? Leave a comment below!

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