Madeline’s Christmas Performance @AtlanticStation @HorizonTheatre #htcMadeline

December 3, 2014 Comments Off on Madeline’s Christmas Performance @AtlanticStation @HorizonTheatre #htcMadeline
Madeline’s Christmas Performance @AtlanticStation @HorizonTheatre #htcMadeline

It’s coming up soon! In fact this weekend, Saturday December 6th, Madeline’s Christmas opens at the Horizon Theatre and it’s already SOLD OUT! I am SO very excited about seeing my daughter Mikaela and all the little darlings perform! But there are plenty of dates where you can go and check them out Dec 6-31st!

But they had their first little bit of fame when they performed at Atlantic Station for the tree lighting and what a delight it was!

In case you missed it, check out these pics! (And that’s Mikaela with the long braid)DSC_0425DSC_0423


DSC_0404 DSC_0436Reasons why Madeline’s Christmas is the perfect holiday show for your family:

What: Madeline’s Christmas

 Where: Horizon Theatre, 1083 Austin Ave., Atlanta 30307

 When: Dec. 6 – 31, 2013


 I am taking my 4th grade class to see Madeline on December 15th and it’s especially poignant because my class studies French and we all know the Madeline books is about a precocious little girl finding adventures around Paris.

Madeline’s Christmas is an event for the whole family. There are lots of song and dance routines and lots of laughs. And the show is interactive and engages the audience with including audience participation. There’s a portion of the show where kids can use a star wand (which can be purchased).

The actors (2 casts of 12 little girls and 3 adults) are simply superb and as the mom of Mikaela who plays “Kate” in the RED cast, can say these kids have worked hard on perfecting this show.


This show is a treat for even the youngest kids. I also recommend it for girl scout troop and for class trips like mine. And what’s even more delightful is that my whole family is coming from Philadelphia and we will see Mikaela perform Christmas EVE! What a wonderful Christmas EVE treat that we will be able to treasure forever! I highly recommend the Christmas Eve show too.

Madeline’s Christmas Atlanta Tips

PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY!!!!  The Horizon Theatre is small and intimate and there is limited parking. Parking is in the BACK of the building. Parking fills up fast and so does seating! Seats are not assigned and on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are going with a large group (as in more than 2-3) or need to secure an aisle seat get there at least 40-45 minutes early, especially for a weekend performance.  This will give you time to park, unload, pick up tickets, stake out seats, hit the restrooms and grab some goodies.

Madeline’s Christmas Goodies

 Please be sure to support this small production by gobbling up the goodies while there. At the concession stand they have hot drinks and fresh baked cookies!  They will have cookies and cocoa for sale. And be sure to pick up a a sparkly magic wand for $10 ($5 goes towards the Make A Wish Foundation).  They will also have copies of the Madeline books and Madeline dolls for If it is in the budget though, I would definitely recommend the wand.  During the play, a magician will ask all the children to help him by waving their wands and it is just precious!

Madeline’s Christmas: Make it Educational

 I’m a teacher by day and right now my French assistant is teaching my students all about Madeline and as planned lessons in English and in French about the books. If you are unfamiliar with the Madeline books, this will be a wonderful introduction and you will immediately want to read them all with your children!  Ludwig Bemelman first introduced Madeline in 1939 and the series has enchanted generations since.  The first book was even awarded the prestigious Caldecott Medal.  Set in Paris, the books and the play have very easy to read text with French words and phrases infused throughout the book. The books also reference Parisian landmarks (all worth a little extra research with the kids before or after, perhaps at the Paris on Peachtree exhibit currently at the High Museum of Art).  The books are more specifically geared towards young girls, encouraging individuality and intelligence.  The play however reaches a larger audience.  And even though it’s a play filled with girls, boys are very interested in it and I have a class full of boys who are excited about seeing the play.

What you need to know:

– Purchase your tickets through the box office to save on the internet fees. 

– If you have the ability or have very little ones or a big group, try a weekday performance to avoid the large crowds and secure a good seat. 


– Check out a street view on Google maps before you go – it is the back of a larger building and can be confusing to locate. 

– Bring cash for concessions and toys and get a magic wand:) 

– Dress festive! The stage is absolutely beautiful and you can snag some great pictures of the kids afterwards. 

– Dress in layers – once the place fills up it can get pretty warm. 

– Visit your local library or bookstore and introduce the Madeline series to your children – they will love it!  You could even order your girls a Madeline doll and give her the books and dolls for Christmas – trust me, once she sees this play she will be Madeline obsessed anyway! 

– If this strikes a cord with your children, run with it!  There are wonderful virtual tours of Paris online where they can see the sites mentioned in the books and play.  I highly recommend the internet podcast French Etc., Beginner’s Podcast.  It will cover the basic they read in the books and help with pronunciation.  They’re quick, easy and perfect for car rides. 

If your child has never been interested in theater, then they probably will after this play. The Horizon Theatre offers children’s theatre classes and camps.  So does the Atlanta Children’s Theatre Company. Spring Mason directed Madeline’s Theatre and I highly recommend checking out her workshops and classes at the Atlanta Children’s Theatre because she’s one of the best in the business and I appreciate her knowledge and how she has engaged the children and help to elevate Mikaela to another level when it comes to acting.

Hope to see you there!

Get tickets here >>>

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