My Visit to ABC’s Agent Carter Set #ABCTVEvent

January 13, 2015 Comments Off on My Visit to ABC’s Agent Carter Set #ABCTVEvent
My Visit to ABC’s Agent Carter Set #ABCTVEvent

If you believe in girlpower and everything glam, then Hayley Atwell’s your girl.

I had the wonderful pleasure of visiting the set of Agent Carter, which premieres tonight on ABC and got a tutorial about her fab fashion by costume designer Gigi” Ottobre-Melton and was chatted a bit with showrunners Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas.

Agent-Carter4 Agent-Carter-Set Agent-Carter-Set2 Agent-Carter-Set3 Agent-Carter-Wardrobe-Peggy-gold-dress The set was frozen in time. Everything was vintage and distinct and looked really authentic like it was plucked out of that era.

I was touching and feeling everything for its realness until I was told to keep my hands to myself! I wouldn’t want Agent Carter to drop kick me!

We all got a chance to sit at Agent Carter’s desk. I felt in charge!

And as a group we stood at attention as agents ready for our assignment!

AgentCarter-attention_group1According to Michele Fazekas the Strategic Scientific Reserve (SSR) where Agent Carter works is a very masculine environment and that’s the reason Agent Carter stands out with her soft color palate, much different from the men she works with. And girlfriend definitely is killing the game with her slick hats and tailored suit dresses.


Tara Butters said the set was based on photos of a real office from the 1940’s and built from the ground up. Some of the items such as maps were built for the show but the furniture is vintage and bought or rented.

Gigi said a lot of the clothes for the cast on Agent Carter are vintage items purchased or rented from costume rental houses.  Some of the ideas are so old, she has to rebuild some elements of the wardrobe like the pockets or waist bands.


It was a very interesting trip about what it takes to put together a great show like Agent Carter.

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I was invited to an all-exclusive rip to LA for an ABC/TV Event but all opinions are mine.

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