Bobbi Kristina In A Coma + How To Save Our Daughters

February 3, 2015 Comments Off on Bobbi Kristina In A Coma + How To Save Our Daughters
Bobbi Kristina In A Coma + How To Save Our Daughters

I’m holding fast to my heart, praying that Bobbi Kristina pulls through this recent tragedy. The only daughter of mega superstar Whitney Houston is fighting for her life in an Atlanta hospital after she was found face down in a tub full of water.

This is sad. Her mother died this way and clearly something has gone awry with this child. Losing her mother has had to be heart-wrenching for her. And since Whitney’s death Bobbi Kristina has pretty much been spiraling out of control. We’ve seen the pics of her doing drugs. We’ve seen the pics of her looking out of it with one different shoes while out at the club. But her condition and state of mind is nothing to laugh at.

She is somebody’s child and worthy of redemption and worthy of being saved. Right now we don’t know if Bobbi was on drugs but after a police search drugs were found in her home. But as a mom of a 12-year-old myself I say to everyone, save the judgment.

My daughter and I have had a very difficult relationship for years. And there was a point on her life where I was completely OUT of her life. Within that time a lot of things could have happened and had they happened I’m sure I would have been the one to blame in many people’s eyes.

But our daughters are worthy to be saved.

Our daughters must know that she belongs to herself. No man or friendship should own, define, and control her self-perception and she surely doesn’t belong to a man. She has a voice and through her intelligent thoughts she can define who she is and how others perceive her.
Our daughters need to also know that her thoughts and emotions are natural and best handled through some form of expression, even if it is through writing, art, music or sports.

We need to help our daughters accept all of who she is from the top of her crown to the bottom of her toes.  I tell all my daughters how beautiful they are ALL the time. Those words are powerful and empowering.

My daughter Kaelani recently moved back home, towing baby too. And no matter how difficult the past years have been, I opened my home to welcomed her back and I will hep her rise up to where she wants to be. Where she NEEDS to be. I’m her mother and although she didn’t appreciate me before I am thankful she does now. Now is a wonderful opportunity to teach her the things I tried to in the past. And now she is listening, which is a blessing. I could have easily said NO you are grown. Many parents let their kids know with certainty that they are on their own. But what good is that?

I have a wonderful opportunity to nurture her, guide her and show her through my example what a great woman looks like, acts like and how she can achieve and be all that she wants to be.

Young people need guidance. Maybe Bobbi Kristina fell off a bit because she’s still grieving losing her mom. One thing’s for sure, young people are hard-headed, but someone’s got to step up HARDER and make sure this young lady stays ON TRACK and help her cut out the loose ends tying her down. I refuse to lose my daughter and I am thankful she’s back home with me.

If you have a child you’re struggling with getting to listen to know here are a few tips that might turn the table:

1. Don’t judge. Talk to them in a way where they feel like you CARE and are NOT judging them.

2. LISTEN. Sounds simple but check your stye. Are you actually listening to them or watching to TALK and tel them what to do.

3. Be UNDERSTANDING. You may not like who they like or what they are doing. Maybe it’s not your cup of tea. But is it something that works for them? Try to be understanding to that.

I look forward to the months ahead helping my daughter realize her dreams.

Me and Kaelani

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