The Importance Of Including “Pamper Me Time” In Your Daily Routine #BeautyFitForAQueen @MBIB

February 24, 2015 Comments Off on The Importance Of Including “Pamper Me Time” In Your Daily Routine #BeautyFitForAQueen @MBIB
The Importance Of Including “Pamper Me Time” In Your Daily Routine #BeautyFitForAQueen @MBIB

“Pamper Me Time” is hard to come but thanks to My Black Is Beautiful, black women like myself all over the world are taking a little more time this month to recognize ourselves and pampering ourselves with a “Beauty Fit For A Queen” box.

Like myself, Beauty blogger Afrobella, Patrice Yursik, has partnered with P&G and picked beauty products to help black women embrace their inner Queen.

The ‘Beauty Fit For A Queen’ program celebrates and honors everyday Black women by providing them with ways to pamper themselves during the month of February.

And the products are great. My hair is shining right now because I infused some Argan Oil Shine Serum that I received into my scalp and rubbed it and massaged it and it felt so good. That alone is my pamper moment! My hair not only shines but it smells so very fragrant. It’s made by Pantene.

argan oilInstagramCapture_6b71ba3d-fcee-4c62-9017-cfe445a4aef0

Here are some of the other great products in the beauty box hand-picked by Afrobella:

MBIB-BHM_AfrobellaPicks 1 Pager_Updated-2.pdf

Every woman deserves their moment to shine and here are my quick tips on making that happen:

  • Taking a bath is a great way to lock the door and steal away some “Pamper Me” time.
  • Being an early riser may cut into your rest time, but it’s so rewarding to have a moment of silence and enjoy a cup of joe and gather your thought before your kids get up in the morning.
  • Buy yourself the products in the beauty box and use them as a treat for yourself. Make up your face, do your hair in a special way and get fancy just because! Pamper YOU because you deserve it!

For more information on the ‘Beauty Fit For A Queen’ program, visit www. or

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