Why Mom & Daughter Relationships Are Sacred #KidsDreamingBig #APWhenIGrowUp

February 24, 2015 Comments Off on Why Mom & Daughter Relationships Are Sacred #KidsDreamingBig #APWhenIGrowUp
Why Mom & Daughter Relationships Are Sacred #KidsDreamingBig #APWhenIGrowUp

When my kids grow up, I want their memories of me to be great ones. That’s why I try to be a great mom. I’m present in their lives. I take time time to talk to them. I tell them I love them every moment I get and I show an interest in things that are important to them.

Some of the most indelible memories will be those we share when I am braiding their hair and chatting and sharing beauty secrets with them that a mother should pass on to her precious daughters. Although mom and daughter relationships are sacred, I do have one son and it’s important that I have my moments with him; like talking to my son about being a gentleman so that he grows into a respectable young man.

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These moments are so sacred because when your child grows up, you want them to have a chest full encouragement and the fondest memories that will help to shape them into remarkable people with the power to live out their dreams.  All kids deserve the chance to believe in the beauty of their dreams and @MyAfricanPride is helping kids like mine dream big with the “Kids Dreaming Big” contest, opened to youth grades 3 – 5. It encourages the next generation to believe in the beauty of their dreams and provides a national platform to pursue them. Scholarship entry is February 2- March 15, 2015 with $3000.00 worth of scholarships offered. The African Pride Dream Kids and fred’s will also host a meet & greet with Cynthia Bailey and one of our lucky scholarship winners on Saturday, April 4th in Tunica, Mississippi.


kids dreaming big scholarship flyer“Kids Dreaming Big” Scholarship- African Pride DreamKids Hair Care collection, in conjunction with general merchandiser @fredsinc Super Dollar, announce the first annual “Kids Dreaming Big” national scholarship contest.  fred’s also sells Dream Kids products and they are available under $7.

For more information about Dream Kids and the “Kids Dreaming Big” Scholarship, visit www.africanpridedreamkids.com and www.fredsinc.com

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post.

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