Dirty Daddy? Ludacris REF– USES to Allow His Daughter To Speak to Her Mom Tamika Fuller

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Dirty Daddy? Ludacris REF– USES to Allow His Daughter To Speak to Her Mom Tamika Fuller

This is a crying shame!

Check out this EXCLUSIVE conversation between rapper Ludacris and his ex Tamika Fuller as she pleads with him just to see her daughter Cai.

Luda allegedly disses Tamika big time by denying her the right to talk to her baby and stated several times that he didn’t have to since it’s not in the court order. Not only that, but he’s NASTY about it!

What kind of mean Mr. Grinch would not allow a baby girl to talk to her momma on the phone or Facetime with her baby at will? It’s a simple request.

LudacrisTheGrinch You already won Luda, now be the man you say you are and let Tamika be a mom to her child.

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As previously reported on TMZ, Luda recently received full custody of Cai after a bitter court battle with Tamika and the surprise verdict had everyone scratching their heads wondering why the court would remove a baby from the care of an able-bodied mother. Cash rules everything in Atlanta. This also makes me side-eye his new wife Eudoxiee. What kind of woman is she not to set her husband right and help soften his heart by telling him it’s only right to let Tamika talk to her baby.


This exchange between Tamika and Luda however shows a nastier side of the MC. This is not the dude who runs a foundation where the majority of the kids served come from broken homes and don’t have a mom or a dad in their lives. Or they have a spiteful parent who won’t allow them to see the other parent. Hey Luda, is that where you are taking direction from?

This is a shame. Keep your head up Tamika. Read on…

This is the Facetime exchange.

Ludacris_Facetime Correspondence



























Here is the daycare correspondence. Ludacris doesn’t want Cai to go on Fridays and if she does he says Tamika is responsible for paying for it. Really? She ends the email by saying how he pays for other children and family to have things yet won’t do for his own. I’ll keep you posted!

Daycare Correspondence


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