I LOVE This! Watch Teacher Get His Grove On To Uptown Funk!

April 5, 2015 Comments Off on I LOVE This! Watch Teacher Get His Grove On To Uptown Funk!
I LOVE This! Watch Teacher Get His Grove On To Uptown Funk!

I love this!

This week has been a terrible week for educators and education given that 11 teachers were guilty of crimes surrounding CHEATING on state mandated tests in the Atlanta public schools. They teacher were jailed and as horrible as that is, they should have thought long and hard before deciding to cheat kids out of their education and making light of educating black kids.

Somewhere along the way schools have changed and is no longer what I remember. The cool fun place where you couldn’t wait to go and learn. where you adored your teachers and got to be immersed in lots of fun activities as well as learn.

Then I ran across this video on the internet and it made me smile really big.

A school called A. Maceo Smith New Tech High School in Dallas, Texas danced their way into Youtube fame by producing this video with tons of students and their theater arts teacher  Scot Pankey & his classes to Brono Mars infectious new hit song “Uptown Funk.” They did this all with help of Camera crew- Bryan Urraca, Albert Robledo & Johan Cruz, Edited and produced by Jonathan Vega AKA #TrippyJ.

All I want to say is I want to move to Dallas just so my kids can go to this school.

This video makes you want to get up, shake your groove thang and do something to inspire kids just like this! How COOL is that for a teacher and administrators to care enough to do something OUT OF THE BOX to get students involved and motivated! No bureaucratic bullshit here. They made this video HAPPEN with it’s pretty incredible and hugely entertaining. A rainbow coalition of kids were included. No matter what size, color, grade average or financial status and how empowering is that to be ALL INCLUSIVE! My heart just melts for this school, for this teacher and for these administrators who are showing educators across the globe how things should be done.

Work hard, teach hard. Play HARDER. Empower the masses in NEW and innovative ways.

Take THAT Atlanta.

Check out this video and please share!

A. Maceo Smith New Tech High School

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