Mary J. Blige Opens Up About Abusive Past In New Documentary

April 21, 2015 Comments Off on Mary J. Blige Opens Up About Abusive Past In New Documentary
Mary J. Blige Opens Up About Abusive Past In New Documentary

Mary J. Blige may know how to love without limits but she’s been hurt deeply in the past and she opens up about the abusive relationships that almost wrecked her in a new documentary The London Sessions.

Mary appeared at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival, and a standing room crowd greeted her with real love as she debuted the 45-minute documentary outlining how she survived years of abuse and much drama in her life.

“Man, it was my first time and it was just amazing,” Mary told NBCBLK during an interview at The Smyth Hotel Friday. “Just the fact that my documentary was shown here and I was just not here as entertainment but a person that contributed to the film festival with a film means so much to me.”

“The feeling of it all was just unreal,” Blige continued. “By doing this, it means my fans can understand why I even did everything in the first place.”

Here are some of the interview highlights:

On controversies like the Burger King Crispy Chicken ordeal:

“Well, I don’t really know why a lot of it was happening,” Blige reflected about the scandals, adding that “it was just time for it to happen and it was time for it to happen to me, so it could push me to another level and another place.’

On making mistakes and learning from them

“It was a huge, humongous wake up call for me to say ‘Look, you don’t need any of these people around and I’m going to make sure that you see how fast they run when this happens.”

 On surviving through her struggles

“I’m grateful for it though and it hurt like hell because it was public and it all over and I was like ‘good Lord.’ It was very, very painful because back in the day, I’ve been through hell but with today’s social media and the news and it was something so big and disastrous it had to be for something good.”

“I’m not going to sit here and say I’m Hercules. When you have so much negativity at one time over something that didn’t even have to do with anything, it’s a lot to take in because it’s all energy.” she furthered.

Check out the video below and More of Mary’s interview here.

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