What You Need To Know About Bugs BEFORE They Bug You! #LearnWithOrkin @AskTheOrkinMan

April 3, 2015 Comments Off on What You Need To Know About Bugs BEFORE They Bug You! #LearnWithOrkin @AskTheOrkinMan
What You Need To Know About Bugs BEFORE They Bug You! #LearnWithOrkin @AskTheOrkinMan

Ask the Orkin Man Spring Edition logoThere are predators out there just waiting for us to slip up. Drop a cookie. Leave a crumb. They’ll come for you.

I’m not exactly talking about the crazy stalkers that crowd our world, this time it’s all about the bugs — The kind that make our skin crawl and make us want to strip our homes bare to the bone and clean with a vengeance.

I attended a blogger tweet up at The Rollins Learning Center in Atlanta and thanks to Orkin and the Orkin Man, I got a full educational course, of sorts, about the history of some bugs like stink bugs, cockroaches and what you should beware of when it comes to bed bugs.

Who knew there would be so much to take in and it certainly changed my perspective about how to tackle the toughest bug problems before they persist.

For instance, when it comes to ticks, did you know that you should use forceps and pull from under the skin to get rid of it?

The Myth about Ticks You Should Know

In 2013, more than 35,000 Americans were affected by Lyme disease, which is commonly carried by ticks (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). While many believe ticks are only a danger in the forest, that’s a myth – ticks can and do dwell around the home as well.

As temperatures rise in the spring and people spend more time outside, gardeners, families and pets are in danger of disease-bearing ticks. To protect yourself and your family, be aware of these simple safety tips:

  • Clear overgrown shrubbery and grass to keep ticks from lingering around the home.
  • Wear light-colored long-sleeved shirts and pants to easily detect ticks while working outdoors.
  • Use EPA-registered insect repellant on exposed skin near pants cuffs, shirt cuffs, collars and socks to ward off ticks.

Also, did you know bed bugs are attracted to heat, CO2, & body odor.  So put dirty clothes in a sealed bag and when you’re at a hotel, check the mattress for ink looking stains which is an indicator of bed bugs!


Check this out: bed bugs have also been found in movie theaters so don’t lay your head on the back of those seats!

There was also a live demonstration of how bed bugs feed on humans for a “blood meal.” Dr. Ron was our fearless leader taught us all about bugs and how best to control the intruders. A blogger even allowed Dr. Ron to put live bed bugs on her and feed.

Orkin bloggers


If you want to prevent them keep the SLEEP method in mind.

Orkin 2015 Bed Bug Infographic-midres

It’s spring cleaning time so you’ll find a lot of bugs coming out the woodwork when you move and shake up things. I’m sure you don’t want surprises so feel free to call the Orkin man to come out, give your house an assessment and out together a plan to rid your life of pests. What’s great about asking an Orkin man out to handle your pests problems is that the Atlanta Orkin training center has a full house on the property that’s used to train employees fully on best practices to attack customers bug issues. There’a also a mock restaurant and kitchen, a hospital room, a grocery store and a locker room. You can  just imagine the type of training and type of live bugs the employees are exposed to just to get ready to rid your house of bugs.

supermarket Orkin Orkin2 Orkin

Check out this video to find out how the Orkin man can make a difference in and around your home.

Also here are some quick spring break tips to keep bed bugs at bay:

  • Check the hotel room bed for ink spots which indicate that bed bugs are around leaving fecal matter behind. Also check the wall behind the picture to see if they are in the wall.
  • Leave your luggage in the tub or shower. Not wet though. Leave your suitcase there to avoid bed bugs from hopping in your luggage for a ride home with you.
  • Use heat as a defense mechanism. Bed bugs will die at temperatures of 122F. Toss your clothes in the dryer when you get home, a couple tumbles in the dryer will kill any bed bugs.
  • Visit Orkin.com to find out more about pest control.

Thank you Orkin and Mom It Forward and Stacie Connerty for the invite. I was compensated for this blogger event but all opinions are my own. 


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