Omari Hardwick & Celebs Attend POWER Premiere Atlanta; Hot New Season Starting June 6th

June 5, 2015 Comments Off on Omari Hardwick & Celebs Attend POWER Premiere Atlanta; Hot New Season Starting June 6th
Omari Hardwick & Celebs Attend POWER Premiere Atlanta; Hot New Season Starting June 6th

By Bernetta Jackson-Knighten

For some reason many people haven’t heard of POWER because it debuted last season on the Starz network. However, the people that were lucky enough to catch the wave early, have become die hard POWER fans. I am no different! I am #TeamPOWER and especially #TeamOmariHardwick.

Omari Hardwick, the Atlanta native and star of Starz breakout 2015 Summer hit, POWER, graced the red carpet last night for a screening of Season 2, Episode 1. With lines out of the theatre and media coverage overflowing, you would have thought it was a Kevin Hart movie premiere!

As local Atlanta stars came out to show their support, it was definitely a push and shove to get the perfect shot.?Some of the celebrities and reality stars (semi-celebs) that walked the red carpet were; Tichina Arnold (Martin, Everybody Hates Chris), Derek J (Real Housewives of Atlanta), Mushiya?(Cutting it in the Atl), Brad James (For Better or Worse), RonReaco Lee (Sister Sister, Survivor’s Remorse), Mariah Hug (Married to Medicine) and more.

Season 2 Premiere Did Not Disappoint

Unlike other season start-ups, this first episode picks up right where the season finale left off. For 60 minutes of uninterrupted drama, love, sex, confusion, drugs, broken hearts, and broken promises, I held my breath. It seems like we all let out a big sigh when the last scene ended and the theatre lit up in applause.

I battled with sharing too much of Episode 1, Season 2 with you because many people like to see it for themselves. I will share 5 big things, so brace yourself:

  • Tasha confronts Ghost about Angela, the look on his face is priceless!
  • Holly didn’t die, yet! I think we all wished she did!
  • Cannon is going to try to bring down’s Ghost empire from within. He will try to use his son.
  • Ghost finds out Angela is a federal agent. Something shifts inside for him, and you see it in his eyes.
  • Tommy and his mom have a bad habit in common. You can see why he is messed up!

After the screening, there was a Q & A with Omari and he shared a few things about his background and what we can look forward to this season. 

When asked about any comparison between him and his character, Jamie “Ghost” St. Patrick, he response was, “Ghost is actually the furthest from me and also the closest to me. He’s the first character I’ve played that I forget I am playing him. In season 1, my embrace of Ghost is what I needed to do create a character of what?Courtney, Curtis and Starz wanted to see. In season 2, I think I fell more in love with Jamie.”

When Power started, FB fans started a thread #TeamTasha or #TeamAngela, when Omari’s asked about his onscreen wife his response was, “He (Ghost) understands that they are both individual places. When I originally read the script, my affinity was for her character the most. Everybody is attracted to the bad guy, but equally attracted to the rider or die chick. Tasha’s that chick! Women love in a way that men don’t. Men get stuck on stupid in a way women don’t. He loves her, but she loves that dark side. It’s limiting him.

Angela believes in his dream. Every man wants a woman who believes the real secret dream of where he wants to see his life. They are two very different women. He wishes he could smash them together but then there would be no show.” 

All the ladies swooned and fellas gave their groan of agreement! Those last sentences made me want to go home and ask my husband does he think that I believe in the real secret of his dream? If you are a fan of Season 1, the new season doesn’t appear to skip a beat. You will love it more this season and get 2 extra shows (10 episodes) this year! If you just started watching it, it’s still time to catch up before the premier.

Season 2 of Power starts this Saturday, June 6th at 9pm on Starz. Follow the hashtags #PowerTV and even check out the massive FB fan page! If you are a die-hard fan, these are your peoples!

Power is a show about a major drug dealer in New York City who runs the town with his childhood best friend. He’s married with three children and up until now, he’s been faithful to his wife. A wife who knows all of his drug secrets and holds her man down. It all starts to unravel when his soul mate or the love of his life, Angela walks into his new club, Truth, one night. With the success of Truth, which was ironically created to clean drug money, Jamie sees a way out of the drug game. Oh what a tangled web we weave!

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