The Haves & Have Nots & Love Thy Neighbor Cast Discuss New Season & Praise Tyler Perry For Creating Fiery Characters

June 24, 2015 Comments Off on The Haves & Have Nots & Love Thy Neighbor Cast Discuss New Season & Praise Tyler Perry For Creating Fiery Characters
The Haves & Have Nots & Love Thy Neighbor Cast Discuss New Season & Praise Tyler Perry For Creating Fiery Characters

You already know I’m locked, loaded and ready to ride with the new season of the Haves & the Have Nots. I am hooked thanks to Tyler Perry and his creation of scandalous, over-the-top, jaw-dropping characters on the steamy show that has OWN ablaze. The cast of OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network’s, “The Haves and the Have Nots,” and “Love Thy Neighbor,” held a private press reception at Maggiano’s Little Italy in Buckhead, Atlanta, GA to present seasons 2b of their respective shows. Angela RobinsonCrystal Fox and Gavin Houston from “The Haves and the Have Nots” and Patrice LovelyKendra C. Johnson and Palmer Williams from “Love Thy Neighbor” gave members of the press an exclusive sneak peek of their shows and conducted a Q&A following the previews. OWN’s “Love Thy Neighbor” moves to Friday nights at 9pm ET/PT beginning June 26, and “The Haves and the Have Nots,” kicks off Tuesday, June 30 with an explosive season premiere.

Cast of HAHN and LTN doing QA

SPOILER ALERT: First things first: David did not die. I had to get that out, okay. And crazy Veronica will be pulling no punches this season. The talented Angela Robinson spoke about her eclectic character as the fiery, bougie and oh-so-hateful Veronica Harrington.

Angela spoke about how her character has evolved.

“I think that it’s important for them to evolve because human beings evolve,” she said about playing her character. “Tyler Perry, one of his gifts among many, is that he writes stories that people can relate to that includes real people in real situations. But that evolution doesn’t happen overnight. You will find that some of the characters will take a little longer to evolve and that is because those things don’t happen overnight in people’s lives.”

Gavin Houston arrives

Gavin said the great thing about his character Jeffrey, who is portrayed as a gay black male, is to build some awareness. He also said that he’s glad over time Jeffrey’s character evolved and people now have more sympathy for him given how much he’s mistreated by his mother. Gavin said he’s happy that has happened.

Believe it or not, Angela even said a fan smacked her and chastised her about treating her TV son Jeffrey like a step-child. Wow! Fans are really into this show! But laying hands on an actress is wrong and over the top!

The cast of both shows praised Tyler Perry so much for his efforts in creating and transforming these characters. Said Crystal Fox:

“Thank goodness for Mr. Perry giving us these changes that happen from season to season really quickly because you won’t pigeon-hold any one of us into anything but you will identify all the varying people we ill become throughout…I am determined for people to NOT make Hannah holier than Thou. I want her to stay real– a real fallible person who loves God and not this personification of perfection and Christianity cause that’s not real either,” she said.

This season is going to be HOT!

In short, Benny will be getting it ON with Veronica! David is alive but barely, so what is he going to do about his CRAZY boo? Jeffrey has his hands full with a woman he doesn’t want and a baby on the way and speaking of babies, Candace has to find hers!! Get ready for a sizzling season! The cast was super nice and accommodating. I took a few selfies with them too. (I’ll upload later)

Angela Robindon,Crystal Fox,Gavin Houston


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