Why I View Ciara as a Role Model for Young Girls Everywhere

July 7, 2015 Comments Off on Why I View Ciara as a Role Model for Young Girls Everywhere
Why I View Ciara as a Role Model for Young Girls Everywhere

Before you turn your nose up and judge the title of this post because you already have your mind made up about Ciara and all the grinding and grooving she does on stage, I ask that you don’t judge and just give a listen as to why I think she reigns supreme.

There’s something to be said about a woman who can take all her hurt and heartache and churn out some goodness from what she’s been through. We all know how love can leave you so broken with such deep-seated hate and we all see how so many women are left angry and bitter after a man has done them wrong, thus blocking their own blessing from a good man walking into their life. Ciara was hurt, and probably damaged after her break-up from her baby daddy, rapper Future, after it was alleged that he cheated with numerous women on Ciara. She had a baby out of wedlock and a ring on her finger with a promise that Future would make her future a whole lot brighter. But that didn’t happen. There was no happily ever after for the singer. I’m sure Ciara was left feeling diminished as if her womanhood wasn’t enough to sustain a relationship with that black man. Maybe she even thought her beauty and physicality were lacking in some way since Future was sleeping around with other women. By doing that, he probably left her feeling unworthy and powerless and even incomplete. So many women like Ciara are left lost seeking answers as to why their men stray away while their hearts and soul rots away as they wonder if they will ever be worthy of being wifey to any man.


Future wasn’t a man though; he was a boy who was a victim of a culture that he was deeply connected with that degrades and dehumanizes women altogether. You can’t expect a man like that to actually be a stand-up guy for his woman when every other word in his lyrics has deeply sexist attitudes that objectifies women. Future doesn’t know how to honor a woman. If so maybe he’d sing or rap her praises. He is a lost boy soul-searching for his manhood. Ciara broke off her engagement to Future and was left feeling hurt and abandoned with a baby — who by the way is the love of her life. No regrets for Ci-Ci there.


But instead of bad-mouthing her baby daddy like a lot of women would do and even celebrity women (remember the horrible break-up between Amber Rose & Wiz Khalifa), Ciara took the high road, while laying low. I’m sure through her grieving period her faith became stronger, she mustered up even more strength and learned to become the woman she ultimately wanted to be– a woman of distinction and class who would be known to rally behind good causes, roll with the FLOTUS and become an empowerment speaker to lift up young girls who came from the same Riverdale streets she’s from.


We all make mistakes, but it’s how you rise up from the ashes to your excellence that matters. And Ciara rose up like a true champion.

Ciara is now dating Football great Russell Wilson and Russ just dished on his relationship with Ciara saying, “I met this girl named Ciara, the most beautiful woman in the world; most kind person; most engaging person. I could probably learn more from her; just everything I could ever want. I remember she was on tour, she was traveling and I was looking at her in the mirror. I was sitting in the dressing room and she was getting ready to go—and God spoke to me and said, ‘I need you to lead her.’ And I was like, ‘really right now?’ and he goes, ‘no I want you and need you to lead her.’ “

Ciara opened her heart to a man who believes in God and is a devout Christian who loves his Lord so much so that he’s putting God first and the two are abstaining from sex.


I love Russell for this. He is showing true restraint and self-control. He wants all of her–mind, body and soul, not just her sex!

Ciara was dogged out from a man who only wanted sex from her and every other hoe to being blessed with a man who wants her WHOLLY and HOLY! Now THAT’S GOD! And understand it’s NOT about the man. She has her own career, her own money and her own life. It’s about how she turned her pain into something positive and she’s not on a ratchet reality show degrading herself or bashing the man who did her in. And she didn’t have to throw her legs open to get the man of her dreams. That is a true testament to the term waiting on God and BELIEVING in all possibilities. Please teach your daughters that they are diamonds, precious jewels to behold and their crown jewels are NOT to be tarnished by anyone!

Anyone who can take their hurt and turn it into good by rising above their painful past is worthy to be praised in my book– especially a young black talented female. I’m praising her for her perseverance– something we don’t always see coming from damaged black women. There’s a lesson to be learned here. We need to praise Ciara. Let’s praise the good we find in the young, gifted and black personalities instead of always praising and rallying behind the ratchetness! I admire Ciara and I applaud her for being a woman of distinction who is making a difference in her own life and many others.

What are your thoughts about Ci-Ci?

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