WSBTV Joins Forces with Influential Parenting Bloggers to Bring You More Positive News

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WSBTV Joins Forces with Influential Parenting Bloggers to Bring You More Positive News

Every morning my day starts with WSBTV and Fred Blankenship leading with the news about my Metro Atlanta community. I watch it mostly because I trust the station and how they deliver the news and I feel like they know the most when it comes to covering Metro Atlanta. In fact they really do. Did you know when it comes to the top news stations around the country WSBTV has 58% of the marketshare and is ranked number one and knocks the other stations out the box when  it comes to coverage? Gaining the community’s trust is a big deal, especially for a mom like me.

That’s why I am so happy and honored to announce that I was named an INFLUENTIAL PARENTING BLOGGER by WSBTV as part of an initiative to cultivate more positive community news! WSBTV has partnered with a group of influential parenting bloggers in Atlanta who will work hand-in-hand with the station to bring you news that’s tailored to our communities. That’s huge and I am so proud to be a part of this amazing initiative and have so many ideas to offer up.

I, along with an amazing group of bloggers, was invited to the station as part of their Back 2 School meetup with administrators from schools across metro Atlanta. I got to tour the WSBTV station and learn all about its daily operation and how they make their news decisions. And let me tell you, it’s not something they take lightly at all. They are dedicated and committed to ensuring that what we see is NOT crime heavy and that it is balanced and a reflection of what’s happening in our community. but they can’t do it all. It takes a village to help WSBTV be all it can be. And us bloggers will be that village to help offer ideas, call them about what’s happening and helping to filter and send positive news that people should know about, their way. For those who complain that news stations don’t care and don’t do enough– I beg to differ. WSBTV has stepped out and is asking for a hand from a group of bloggers who KNOW their community. I am a mom here and I have five kids and I have my finger on the pulse of everything that’s happening. I am proud to have the opportunity to work with WSBTV in this way to help keep THEM in the know!

Thank you to my blogger bud Desiree Miller at for recommending me and for Tracey Christensen and General Manager Tim Mcvay of WSBTV for this amazing opportunity to partner with you.

So what you will see from Cincomom in the coming months?

  • Participation in WSB-TV events (celebrity visits, etc.)
  • Inclusion of my photo, bio in the WSBTV parenting influencer panel on
  • I’ll be used for on-air interviews for general news stories or Mom2Mom segments on People 2 People
  • I’ll be given studio time to shoot your own videos! (excited!)
  • And we’ll even have some meet and tweet ups and our first one just may be for the Scandal premiere!

Here are the bloggers chosen as WSBTV Parenting Influencers. Follow them on Instagram!

@mrserikaward @leandreav @lorimacbrown @theatlgo2girl @classic_mommy @fieldtripswithsue @sojournerruth @treyburley @kiamorgansmith (@theCincomom)


Check out my fun visit to the WSBTV studio. We also got to see the radio stations that are a part of the unit like KISS 104.1, which I always listen to. We hung out with a few on air personalities like Sasha the Diva too. We also went inside the massive WSBTV newsroom and saw the inner workings and was on air live behind the scenes as well. It was a lot of fun. One more thing! This is Back 2 School time and WSBTV is planning some major coverage to help you throughout the day. If there is something you’d like to see covered, send me an email ([email protected]) and I’ll be sure to pitch it to them. And be sure to pitch me stories throughout the year no matter how big or small and I’ll be sure to bring it to the attention of WSBTV! That’s what I’m here for — to get involved! Let me know about your stories so we can continue to work as a community to bring more positive news to the forefront!

Also check out fellow WSBTV blogger  Sojourner’s post on the upcoming WSBTV Stuff the Bus initiative! Enjoy the pics below.


What a sight to see Fred Blakenship in the flesh with Linda Stouffer, delivering the noon news!


Brad Nitz was giving viewers an update of the broadcast in front of the green screen!




Where it all happens– the newsroom. 


These team members are behind making sure the news you report gets seen and heard. 


Fred and Linda speaking to us at the Back 2 School event at WSBTV. 


The men who make it all happen

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