Raising Brown Girl Magic + Mikaela’s Crazy Knee Socks For a Cause!

September 4, 2015 Comments Off on Raising Brown Girl Magic + Mikaela’s Crazy Knee Socks For a Cause!
Raising Brown Girl Magic + Mikaela’s Crazy Knee Socks For a Cause!

Raising black girls is not easy. It’s not difficult in the way you would think though: sassy mouth girls who are disrespectful who don’t listen and have an ax to grind for no good reason. Nope. That’s not why I’m saying it’s not easy.

It’s those exact stereotypes about black girls that makes me sad. Black girls are awesome. There are so many bright, brilliant young ladies who are on the path to greatness who we don’t celebrate enough. Everyday should be a banner day to exclaim about the beauty of our great daughters. Mine are thoughtful, kind, smart and studious; creative, loud and proud and brilliantly bossy. But how do you raise this kind of black girl in a world filled with self-hate? A world that corrodes their worth and relegates them to the realm of insecurity about their braininess, brawn, body type and beauty? That’s why it’s not easy raising black girls. As a mom we have to combat and fight for their right to feel beautiful in their own skin. We have to share with them amazing stories of other women who look just like them and oozed their awesomeness all over the world by becoming engineers, pilots, scientists, doctors and world class leaders. We have muddle through our own memories to explain to them just how we persevered in the face of hate despite being called black, a nigger, and ugly and told that we would never amount to anything — the proof that we persevered is the fact that we are everythang.

My black girls are pure magic. Kaitlin is an amazingly smart and kind girl who loves everything Japanese, anime and artful. She loves to draw, she plays chess like dominates and she’s all into science and math and one day wants to become an astronomer.

Kaitlin Beta club2Mikaela is smart, creative, witty, dramatic and whimsical. She loves to act, make everybody constantly laugh and the world is her stage and she makes her presence known. Mikaela wants to be an actress. She told me that the world should know her name.RaisingUpRylee1 And she’s right. Milan is a firecracker. Milan is quick-witted, smart and can run like the wind. Milan is so competitive that I call her Lil Flo Jo. She runs for E-1 Track club as a sprinter and come spring, watch your back because all Milan wants to do is WIN no matter what! A future Olympian track star is born.

Milan at Track

My words is what keeps the sparkle in them lit. I’m a tough mom because I’m just Mama Bear protecting my cubs. But I talk to my kids a lot about the world around them and I keep it real about what the world thinks of them. I’m preparing her for battle and she knows it. So I STAY in her head. I keep her brilliance LIT with indelible words of encouragement about how mighty of a black girl she is. She has a super power — her brain. And with great power comes great responsibility to BE great. My girls know this.

Never, ever stop TALKING to your eyes. Even through the eye rolls they are listening to what you have to say. You can never talk enough. Have thoughtful conversations that allow them to openly ask questions without judgment from you. Kids will open up more if they know you won’t freak out about it.

Help Mikaela use some of her Brown Girl Magic to HELP a great cause. She told me, “Mommy I want to donate crazy knee high socks to kids in shelters!” She learned about other kids being charitable and was inspired. So I told her I thought it was an excellent idea. So I am helping Mikaela to collect KNEE SOCKS for this upcoming cold winter season so she can give them to kids in need.  Will you help? We are going to hit the businesses in our area to be listed as drop off locations but in the meanwhile, email [email protected] and we’ll come to YOU and pick them up if you have a bundle! We can tell black girls they are magic but even more, Let’s SHOW them just how magical they truly are when they are lit with an idea and we support them 100%! Thank you in advance! Drop a picture of your child below to be featured on Cincomom as #BlackGirlMagic!

Mikaela CrazyKnee Socks

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