TracFone Has Calmed the “Cell” Storm in Our Home! See How… #TracFoneFamily #spon

September 22, 2015 Comments Off on TracFone Has Calmed the “Cell” Storm in Our Home! See How… #TracFoneFamily #spon
TracFone Has Calmed the “Cell” Storm in Our Home! See How… #TracFoneFamily  #spon

TracFone has settled a family feud over phones.

 This past month, my kids have been head over heels ever since they received a new TracFone. For me it has meant they could finally get off my laptop and use the Internet on their TracFone to play games and that’s been a big relief. And most importantly it means we have another phone line so I don’t have to relinquish my other phone so they can chat for hours with their friends. *Wipes sweat*

The phone feuds are over.

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 The TracFone is our go-to phone for games, downloading apps, talking to friends and texting and taking selfies (which my girls LOVE to do). I find myself always asking, “where is the TracFone?” because I never know where it is and I’m so afraid that the girls might lose it. The cell is a lifesaver and we can’t go without it. It’s always with one of the kids so much so that we have had to set limits and they are required to turn over the phone at night before they go to bed. They have a TracFone love affair.

 It’s also been useful out of the home too. I’ve been able to drop my daughter Kaitlin off at a Football game where she plays clarinet in the band and she just calls me on the TracFone when she’s done and I come pick her up. That’s a relief because I don’t really like to sit too long and I welcome the fact that I can go home and relax and she can call me when the game’s over and I can easily pick her up! Using the TracFone has been such a wonderful addition to our family.

We have a great plan too with 120 minutes and we received 3x’s that amount of minutes for Talk, Text and Data! By the way, the minutes only ran me $30 bucks.

 Just last week the girls went to their first school dance and that of course made me nervous. Parents couldn’t attend but you better believe they had their TracFone in tow. I didn’t text them too much to distract them from their fun, but boy was I glad that at least they had the phone on hand so I had that option to text them open! A paranoid parent and a handy dandy TracFone works very well together.

Here are the highlights of what TracFone offers:


·         90-Day Android Smartphone Talk, Text and Data Plans: TracFone offers 90-Day Android™ Smartphone Talk, Text and Data plans starting at just$19.99, an average monthly cost of only $7.

·         Triple Everything: Get Triple Everything, 3X Talk, 3X Text, 3X Data when you purchase any no-contract plan for your Android™ smartphone device.

·         International Long Distance: Call hundreds of international destinations for the same price as a local call with all TracFone airtime service plans.

·         Airtime Plans: TracFone has a variety of airtime refill options available that you can add at any time so that you have enough minutes for whatever you need.

Data Cards and Add-On Text cards are also available online at

 Also don’t forget, you can buy a new phone or bring your own with TracFone’s Bring Your Own Phone BYOP program for 4G LTE smartphones! Find out more here

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