How You Can Do Everything For Less This Holiday Season #TracFoneFamily #Spon

November 22, 2015 Comments Off on How You Can Do Everything For Less This Holiday Season #TracFoneFamily #Spon
How You Can Do Everything For Less This Holiday Season #TracFoneFamily #Spon

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, that means that the kids and I have a week off and it also means sometimes people like to call and give me MORE to do since I’m a schoolteacher with a whole week winter break. But that doesn’t mean I want to do more. I absolutely do not! I want to do less and that means less cooking and less cleaning too since this is my time to take a break! In fact you can do everything for less during the holiday and that should include paying LESS when it comes to your cellphone bill as well! See, in this case, LESS IS MORE!

This Holiday Season be sure to:

* Manage Your Time – Keep a list of to-dos nearby but don’t let other people dictate what it is you should be doing! Manage the list by rating how important each task is and don’t feel rushed to get it done. This is your time to save some time and get your groove back.

* Uncomplicate Your Holiday menu – Who said a Thanksgiving gathering couldn’t include people bringing a dish too! Don’t stress yourself out slaving over the stove trying to make a meal. If you have a lot of family coming, then help yourself by doing LESS and requiring guests to bring a favorite dish to dinner.

* Recruit Your Kids to Help Around the Home – You can’t do it all. Make sure your kids are picking up a few more tasks this holiday season so you can do a little less and enjoy the festivities!

thanksgiving dinner

Also, one way TracFone can help you “Do Everything For Less” is through the new 90-day Smartphone Only plans for smartphone and BYOP® (Bring Your Own Phone) users. The Smartphone Only plans start for as low as $35 and are available online at

 Users can Bring Their Own Phone to TracFone, sign up with a Smartphone Only plan and enjoy a stress-free holiday with the minutes, text and data they need!

Here are the highlights of what TracFone offers:


  • 90-Day Android Smartphone Talk, Text and Data Plans: TracFone offers 90-Day Android™ Smartphone Talk, Text and Data plans starting at just$19.99, an average monthly cost of only $7.
  • Triple Everything: Get Triple Everything, 3X Talk, 3X Text, 3X Data when you purchase any no-contract plan for your Android™ smartphone device.
  • International Long Distance: Call hundreds of international destinations for the same price as a local call with allTracFone airtime service plans.
  • Airtime Plans: TracFone has a variety of airtime refill options available that you can add at any time so that you have enough minutes for whatever you need.


Data Cards and Add-On Text cards are also available online at

You’ll be hearing a lot more about TracFone since we are officially a #TracFoneFamily brand ambassador! Be sure to follow our adventure and please LIKE TracFone on Facebook, TracFone Wireless . Also, follow them on Twitter, @TracFoneCalls, and check out their Blog,  , and YouTube channel, 

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