A Holiday Gift Guide that helps you get MORE for Less! #TracFoneFamily #Spon

December 19, 2015 Comments Off on A Holiday Gift Guide that helps you get MORE for Less! #TracFoneFamily #Spon
A Holiday Gift Guide that helps you get MORE for Less! #TracFoneFamily #Spon

This holiday season is all about the spirit of giving! So first I’d love to give you some great gift ideas to give your loved ones. Here are my TOP picks!

LG Ultimate 2™ Android™

It’s time to upgrade your phone and I really like this LG Ultimate 2 Android. I love Android phones and this one features:

Triple Minutes for Life FREE! (3x Talk, Text & Data)
This means that every paid Airtime Minute you add to this phone will be tripled. For example, add a 60 minute Airtime Card and get 180 Minutes Talk Time + 180 Texts + 180 MB Data.*** – Except with Smartphone Only Plans

Android™ 4.4

4.5″ Touch Screen Display

3G/Wi-Fi® Capable

5 MP Camera/1.3 MP Front Facing Camera/Video Recorder

Bluetooth® 4.0 Wireless Technology and so much more


Keurig KOLD

Nothing says I thirst for your love than to give your family a Keurig KOLD drinkmaker! How fun is this system that allows you to make cold single serve colas, Ginger Ale, and even Mojitos and Margaritas! While this system is a little pricey, it takes away the pain of having 2-liter sodas in your fridge and your kids will have a lot more FUN with their own personal soda fountain!

Keurig KOLD drinkmaker - Black

Charcoal Grill

Baby, it’s cold outside but there’s nothing wrong with conjuring up warm, satisfying thoughts of summer with this Americana Tailgate Charcoal Grill. The perfect portable grill for that grill-obsessed uncle of yours. This little grill is a workhorse and features heavy-duty steel legs and a tough high-temperature powder paint finish. For $19.99, get Uncle Joe a grill that can go wherever he goes! grill

Donut Hole maker

Try gifting with a dual purpose in mind with this Donut Hole Maker. You’ll make the recipient of this gift really happy when they’re whipping up hot and delicious donut holes, jelly donuts, puff pancakes or mini cinnamon buns. And you can make yourself the official taste tester and reap a bellyful of benefits. A win-win at $19.99.


After you grab these goodies, be sure to include a TracFone as a gift because it’s one of America’s largest no-contract wireless service providers. And it’s easy to Do Everything For Less®. Also, TracFone has No Contracts, No Bills, No Overages, No Credit Checks, & No Activation or Cancellation Fees.  You can also get unbeatable Nationwide Coverage on America’s largest and most dependable networks. And with Unlimited Carryover® from TracFone, customers get to keep their unused minutes, texts, and data as long as their service is active and in use within each six month period.


90-Day Android Smartphone Minutes, Text and Data Plans

TracFone offers 90-Day Android™ Smartphone Minutes, Text and Data plans starting at just $19.99, an average monthly cost of only $7.

Disclaimer: A month equals 30 days. Airtime Service Plan required for activation. Phones/Plans sold separately.  Based on 90-day / 60 minute / $19.99 airtime service plan.

90-Day Smartphone Only Plans for smartphones and BYOP®

These new plans will provide all current TracFone plans benefits, including Unlimited Carryover, basic international calling and others, and start as low as $35.00.

Disclaimer: These plans do not triple.

Triple Everything

Get Triple Everything, 3X Minutes, 3X Texts, 3X Data when you purchase any no-contract plan for your Android™ smartphone device.

Disclaimer: Triple Everything except with ‘smartphone only’ plans

Disclaimer: Triple the face value of airtime service plans, excluding smartphone only, data only, and text only cards.  Double minute cards do not apply.

International Long Distance

Call hundreds of international destinations for the same price as a local call with all TracFone airtime service

Airtime Plans

TracFone has a variety of airtime refill options available that you can add at any time so that you have enough minutes for whatever you need.

Add-On Data and Text-Only Cards 

Data Cards and Add-On Text cards are available for smartphones and can be purchased online at TracFone.com. Add data and text at any time with active service.

Disclaimer: Service must be active and in use within any six month period. Data and text only cards do not have service days and do not triple.


Get 10% off your airtime purchase when you enroll in Auto-Refill. No promo code needed.

Disclaimer: Credit card and Account required for enrollment.

Customers can check their estimated balance and service days with the FREE My Account App.

Disclaimer: When using this App, standard data rates may apply. Information may be transmitted with a delay and may not reflect actual balances.

Now you can enjoy the smartphone you already love in a whole new way. Bring it to TracFone and get one of the most affordable plans in America on one of the two largest 4G LTE† networks. The only thing you’ll lose is your contract.

4G LTE Disclaimer: †Requires a compatible or unlocked 4G LTE smartphone. Actual availability, coverage, and speed may vary.

General BYOP Disclaimer: Requires a compatible or unlocked smartphone.  Most GSM and CDMA smartphones are compatible

For a list of all the latest Android smartphones available at TracFone, you can visit http://tracfonewireless.com/#android-phones and browse phones according to your ZIP code.

I have really enjoyed my TracFone for the past few months because it has provides easy, effortless coverage for my family. My daughters have had a go-to phone that has really helped us to manage since we need more than one phone in the home. It has calmed the “cell” storm in our home, provided time to play and we’ve been able to keep MORE in our pockets because using TracFone is economical. I definitely recommend getting a phone and signing up with TracFone OR be sure to Bring Your OWN phone! It’s a GREAT service and I highly recommend joining the TracFone family! Happy Holidays!

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