Keurig KOLD has got you covered with a delicious array of refreshing drinks #Spon

December 19, 2015 Comments Off on Keurig KOLD has got you covered with a delicious array of refreshing drinks #Spon
Keurig KOLD has got you covered with a delicious array of refreshing drinks #Spon

As you know this holiday season is a great time to crank up the Keurig and heat up your favorite drinks like some warm egg nog, or hot apple cider. But for those big holiday parties, guests want something refreshing too and that means you’ll have to fill up your fridge with huge 2-liter bottles, taking up way too much space next to the bowl of potato salad. And I really don’t like when my kids mess over the 2-liter bottles. My son tends to think he’s strong enough to pour and maneuver it only to end up spilling it all over everything.

Well I got the opportunity to experience the new Keurig KOLD which is the the only at-home way to fresh-make all your favorite cold beverages at the push of a button – no CO2 canister necessary.

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Keurig KOLD drinkmaker - Black

Let me break this down for you.

Check out my video walking you through the steps to make a cool, refreshing drink!

Posted by CincoMom on Saturday, December 19, 2015

So I tried out the Keurig Kold and right before my eyes I was able to make my favorite name brand, carbonated soda drinks. You heard right. The system is like having a soda fountain in your home except you can make a margarita and other cocktails too! *Insert fist-bump here*

So I tried several drinks just to make sure they were the real deal. I tried Coca-Cola, Fanta Orange and a Ginger Ale. I also tried a virgin magarita too. That was pretty yummy. The drinks had the PERFECT carbonation all from a little Karbonator which holds beads within the pod and produces beverage grade CO2 during the drink making process. Seriously the drinks were on point. It tastes like perfection. No worries about your soda becoming flat after opening a 2-liter because the single servings are perfect and there’s less wasted soda. This is such a smart idea. And you don’t have to buy a separate carbonator canister. It’s all-in-one with the Karbonator pods.

You can make all your favorite cold drinks at home.

And if you like craft sodas, they’ve got you covered. This system is really one of a kind.


The Keurig KOLD makes long-time favorite beverages from The Coca-Cola Company and Dr Pepper, and Snapple Group, as well as delicious new beverages, including craft sodas, iced teas, flavored waters, sports drinks, seltzers at home at the push of a button. Make all your favorites perfectly chilled, about 39°. I LOVE that idea because I really do hate ice bumping up on my lip. There are some things I’m just particular about! LOL

Anyhoo, did you watch the video? As you can see it’s a very easy system. You just have to purchase a box of the drink pods and you can keep them right in your cabinet and pop one in when you’re ready. Effortless.Keurig KOLD Wire Carousel

Key features of the system include:

·         Perfect carbonation without a CO2 canister – The Keurig KOLD system utilizes Karbonator  beads, which are contained within the pod and hold beverage-grade CO2, which is released into the beverage during the drinkmaking process

·         Chillingly cold – The KOLD Chiller cools water internally without chemicals, delivering chilled beverages at an ideal temperature of about 39 degrees Fahrenheit

·         Perfectly portioned – Eight-ounce portion size and most beverages have 100 calories or less

·         Kitchen space saver –  Countertop-friendly footprint; freedom to easily shop and store a wide variety of beverages with new KOLD pods. (This fit perfectly on my counter.)

·         NEW Cocktail mixers: Just in time for holiday parties, Keurig has released two new lines of cocktail mixers for use in your Keurig KOLD drinkmaker.  These two new brands include premium margarita and mojito beverage mixers which are fresh-made cold and ready to enjoy with the addition of your choice of spirits.

This is such a wonderful showpiece. I plan to actually put this unit in my new rec room once our new house in built next spring! Thank you Keurig for the wonderful drinkmaker. All fabulous opinions are mine! I really truly loved this and will be making more drinks and drink videos to come! YUM!

For more info go to and get you one!

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