Ways You Can Earn More Money with Patrice C. Washington!

December 13, 2015 Comments Off on Ways You Can Earn More Money with Patrice C. Washington!
Ways You Can Earn More Money with Patrice C. Washington!

Everybody loves saying NEW YEAR, NEW ME! But the question is are you REALLY ready for a NEW YOU?

Are you ready for a new you that includes getting your financial affairs ALL THE WAY in order? Are you ready for a new you who will be diligent working and learning how to make MORE money so that you take your finances to the next level? If you ask me, I’m pretty tired of people complaining about getting to the next level when they aren’t willing to put in the work. But if you are ready to get into a circle of real moneymakers and you’re really serious about making some REAL changes in your life, then please take heed to what I am about to tell you about money maven Patrice C. Washington!

This woman is changing the game for women everywhere, especially BLACK women who are often seen as being financially inferior for many reasons! If you need a financial do-over, then Patrice needs to do your financial adviser from now on to make that happen and there are several things you need to know to help you take the right steps to get IN the game. (I’ll tell you about that in a minute.) But know this: in January, Patrice is re-launching her best-selling book Real Money Answers for Every Woman! It’s being re-released January 19 2016!


I am so honored to be working with money maven Patrice C. Washington to spread the word about all of her great financial advice, seminars, and all the good things she’s got coming up to help you further your financial life. I met Patrice about 8 years ago and I’ve been a loyal follower ever since. I read her book Real Money Answers for Every Woman and I learned a LOT. I also followed her financial advice and really saw my financial life take a turn for the better.

In fact, there’s a 4-page spread highlighting a full excerpt of Real Money Answers for Every Woman in the January issue of Essence! You can check out some of Patrice’s philosophy on money by just reading the article before deciding if the book is a good fit but I say GO BUY THE BOOK!


For me, it’s no secret that I’m getting a brand new home built. But it may be mind-boggling to a lot of folks because I don’t come off as if I’m a big baller or anything.  I’m the mom that you’d see in the grocery store wearing comfy clothes (and will get quite a few wears out of them throughout the week.) I have the most comfy sketchers ever on and the coat I wear is probably one I’ve had for several years. I say all that because we often judge people by what they have on or how they look.  I think I do look presentable but I think people need to be more concerned with what’s in their bank accounts or if their life insurance policy is up to date rather than if Michael Kors is having a sale on leather bags. Just saying. I like to make money and spend it where it matters to me– in my home and building a nice life for my children. For a lot of black folks we equate having money with how fancy our wardrobe is while living in our momma’s basements. We’ve got to do better and we certainly can. And let me say this I have been through all kinds of financial turmoil in my life, but what sets me apart is the fact that I rose above it and I didn’t take a lifetime to do it. I’m trying to build wealth that will lasts generations. Living paycheck to paycheck days are over but it truly starts with us wanting more and wanting to EARN more.

Patrice wants you to earn more too and is challenging you to do just that! Right now you can go to www.ICanEarnMore.com and get started on this money challenge for women! I Can Earn More Money Challenge is a FREE personal finance, career and entrepreneurship challenge created by the Money Maven, Patrice C. Washington to help 25,000 women learn how to earn more money in 25 days using 25 principles. Even though I’m happy about how far I’ve come financially, the truth is, I want to EARN MORE.


During the Challenge, you’ll receive a daily lesson via email for a period of 25 days. The principle of the day along with reflection assignments and suggested exercises, are designed to help you accomplish five specific objectives below.

Face Your Fear
(You’re too fabulous to not go for more! Together, we’re going to learn how to do it afraid!)

Rock Your Gifts
(You were born with something special. Use it or lose it, honey!)

Establish Your Value
(You bring a lot to the table. No more hiding. Let’s flaunt it!)

Negotiate Like a Ninja
(Who can say “No,” to your boldness and confidence, girlfriend?)

Maximize Your Money Maker
(You’re making more, but let’s make sure we manage it wisely.)

Why is this so important?

Financial experts have long led women to believe that if they’d just check their credit reports annually, budget fanatically and stop lusting after shoes or sipping lattes twice a week, all their financial woes would go away.

That’s a lie.

Sign up for the ICanEarnMore so you can stay in the know when Patrice launches the initiative next month. There is so much more I need to tell you but I will be updating you with more posts in the coming weeks. For now, just know I will have a one-on-one interview with Patrice coming up in January about the book and there are other surprises I will be writing about as soon as they are released! Is there anything you’d like to know personally from Patrice that’s not in the book, let me know!
I hope you join the challenge and tell your friends too!
Stay tuned because there’s more to come from Patrice! Follow her @SeekWisdomPCW
Buy the book HERE

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