Little Miss Dancey Pants encourages children to embrace their creativity

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Little Miss Dancey Pants encourages children to embrace their creativity


In Little Miss Dancey Pants, the first book of the series, Addison a.k.a. Miss Dancey Pants, makes her debut! Addison is a lively and energetic little girl, who has a very hard time keeping still. Deep down, Addison knows she is a star, but it is not until her mom recognizes her natural ability that Addison is encouraged to explore her true potential as a dancer.

This story promotes self-expression, creativity and individuality. It also encourages parents to nurture the artistic qualities of children.


The Little Miss Dancey Pants book series encourages children to embrace their creativity and self-expression, while urging parents to nurture their children’s natural artistic abilities. Protagonist, Addison, and her adventures promote the following themes:

  • Diversity: Addison’s world is an inclusive one. She, her peers, and her role models come from different racial backgrounds. Dance and children’s literature can (and should!) reflect and celebrate the diversity of today.
  • Active Play: Active bodies equal healthy bodies, and the LMDP series encourages children to follow their impulses to skip, bounce, wiggle and dance. Addison’s enthusiasm encourages healthy playtime.
  • Skills Building: Ballet’s structured classes teach the important of discipline and practice. Little ballerinas will apply the skills they build in dance to their academics and other aspects of their daily lives for years to come.
  • The Arts: Children who grow up participating in or appreciating dance and other arts are adept visual learners, innovative thinkers, and they become culturally aware members of society.
  • Positive Role Models: Addison’s mother and the other dancers she admires help facilitate her dreams because they show her what’s possible. Parents can take cues from the adults in LMDP’s pages to encourage their children to pursue their creative impulses.

The Books

Addison bounces into book one of the Little Miss Dancey Pants series with an irresistible urge to wiggle. She was born with the dancing bug, but she’s also encouraged by her strong role models: her mother, a professional ballerina, and her caring father, teacher and friends. Young though she is, Addison exhibits a strong sense of independence and self assuredness—a great encouragement to little readers everywhere.

Addison’s adventures continue in book two, Little Miss Dancey Pants Goes to Dance Camp, where she meets more inspiring role models and her love for dance deepens.



Kourtni’s dance history spans over 20 years. Prior to her legal career, she danced with the Grambling State University Orchesis and professionally with the Atlanta Hawks Dance Team. She has appeared in motion pictures, such as The Great Debaters, performed in the Super Bowl XLVII halftime show starring Beyonce, and taught dance to elementary and middle school students.

Kourtni was inspired to create Little Miss Dancey Pants after noticing an absence of diverse children’s books, specifically books related to African-American dancers. Her mission is not only to promote dance, but also to encourage young girls to embrace their individuality.

Sharad Kumar, Illustrator

Sharad Kumar, a native of India, is a comic artist, animator, and illustrator with over 15 years of experience. He has worked on many animated productions, game concepts and children books

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